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A Bulleted Checklist For Being A Cool Italian Couple

  1. Live in Venice. Probably with your parents.
  2. Spend your Saturday buzzing from one pocket-sized bar to another like a little Venetian water bug.
  3. Guys, order neon pink Aperol spritzes without even thinking of your masculinity.
  4. Girls, wrap a down comforter around your neck and call it a scarf.
  5. Guys, wear a 1,000€ watch so you can keep track of when the 1€ crostini happy hour ends.
  6. Girls, use your man’s shoulders as an armrest for one arm as the other arm gestures. Alternate so you don’t overgesture with one arm.
  7. Maintain physical contact with each other at all times but eye contact never.
  8. Split your risotto ball in half so you can feed but do not talk to each other. Perhaps feed so as not to talk to each other.
  9. Always face the light, obvs, but especially when that same hazy, reflected light inspired artists from Titian to Tancredi.
  10. Accidentally inspire strangers to write about you.
Jessica Guzik