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I'm Literally So Basic That I'm Titling This "Rome Travel Tips"

This kind of post doesn’t belong on Medium. It belongs on a travel blog with, max, 12 organic page views per day. Or, if I’m flattering myself, it belongs on a glossy sheet in Bon Appetit, facing an ad for stay-put tampons.

But ya girl is too busy whipping up content strategies for everyone else to give her own content careful attention. It’s Champagne and caviar for clients and whatever is in the fridge for me. That’s why I’m scraping my congealed travel tips onto the paper plate of Medium.

✨👉PS: You can hire me to write like this for your brand!👈✨

I just spent two and half weeks in Rome. If friends ask me what to eat in Rome, I want to refer them to this post. If they ask me what to see, I’ll be fairly useless. My travel philosophy is to spend about 10% on accommodations, 10% on sightseeing, and 80% on food. For me a normal day includes at least five food stops for some combination of breakfast, coffee, pastries, lunch, gelato, drinks, dinner, and dessert. Having the metabolism of a draught horse is the rare perk of being a Clydesdale-sized woman. So…

When in Rome (SORRY HAD TO)

STAY in San Giovanni, a young, chill neighborhood two metro stops from Termini and an easy walk to the Colosseum past pretty churches and obelisks. If you’re doing the hostel thing, stay in Dreaming Rome. The place looks like it was decorated by your crazy aunt, but owners Domenico and Fabio are like your fun uncles. They welcome you with Prosecco and cook pasta for guests at least once a week.

WORK in Anticafe. This place combines co-working amenities with café coziness. Arrive, get a little plastic card, and help yourself to WiFi, cookies, and coffee. Return your card to the front desk on your way out; Anticafe will charge you per hour of your stay. There is literally no other place in Rome where you can grab coffee, pop open your laptop, and chill. God bless Anticafe.

BREAKFAST like a Roman: Get a slice from Pizza Florida — open at 10:00am — and find a bench by Largo di Torre Argentina, the ancient temple turned cat sanctuary of course.

LUNCH at Suppli Pizzeria Bib. This will give you a good excuse to wander into posh Trastevere. This handkerchief of a takeout place serves superb suppli — fried, stuffed risotto balls — as well as little trays of pasta to go.

HOT CHOCOLATE or coffee at nearby Bar San Calisto. Brace yourself: This will be a genuine, hair-raising Roman coffee bar experience. No Gotan Project soundtrack here! Order fast, drink fast, flirt with the barista fast, pay fast.

DINNER at Bar Filletaro. This place is Rome in miniature: Bright, bustling, loud, rustic, rude, and lovable. It’s named after the house specialty — deep-fried cod filets — and that’s what you’ll order, along with a liter of the house white (it goes down like water); bread with anchovies and cold pats of butter; and a bitter salad of puntarelle when it’s in season.

DESSERT at Gelateria del Teatro. You’re going to get a lot of gelato suggestions but all of them are stupid. Go to this one and order the weirdest flavor you see.

Jessica Guzik