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Between December 30th and February 14th, I'll work remotely from Paris, Rome, and perhaps other destinations as yet unknown. I plan to eat a lot, wander a lot, and write a lot. Here's my itinerary:

  • December 30 - Depart Washington, D.C.

  • December 31 - Arrive in Paris, France. Check in to four-bed female dorm in Belleville. Welcome the New Year by doing anything but holding back the hair of a puking 18-year old Australian student.

  • January 1 - Walk off  New Year's Eve hangover by exploring every inch of Paris à pied.

  • January 2⏤January 4 - Eat:

  • January 4 - Depart Paris for Rome. Check in to four-bed female dorm in Trastevere. See the Trevi fountain, maybe in formalwear, maybe with a Marcello, I don't know.

  • January 5⏤January 8 - Gain a gastronomical foothold in Rome. Eat:

    • Supplì - Risotto balls stuffed with cheese or ham and deep-fried

    • Cacio e pepe - Spaghetti with cheese (usually Pecorino Romano) and black pepper

    • Pizza bianca al taglio - White pizza by the slice

    • Pajata - Pasta made with the entrails of young veal calves

    • Gelato di castagne - Chestnut gelato

  • January 9⏤February 5 - Teach bambini English as a Workaway volunteer. Make friends in Rome. Conquer Rome? Possible weekend trips to Florence and Naples.

  • February 6⏤February 12 - Unknown! More Rome? More Paris? Ryanair fire sale flight to anywhere?

  • February 13 - Somehow be in Paris with a reservation for two at Frenchie. And a dining partner.

  • February 14 - Depart Paris for Washington. Obviously fall in love with seat mate because I'm flying on Valentine's Day.

  • February 15 - Start planning next trip and/or wedding with seat mate.

Jessica Guzik