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Curated Table

When we connect with strangers, we live a little more deeply.  Add a bottle of wine, and you might just begin one hell of a story.

That potential for social adventure inspired me to start Curated Table in 2012. I began by asking complete strangers⏤plucked from online dating and social networking sites⏤if they would be interested in having dinner with me and five other people, none of whom knew each other. I invited people who were smart, interesting, and intrepid. While I kept the gender ratio even, I made no attempt to play matchmaker. The rest was unscripted.

My first surprise was that more than a few people accepted my invitation. My second surprise was that everyone had a blast at these dinners, often amazed at how well they got along, and always lingering over two hours to share commonalities, differences, and experiences. My final surprise was that people requested to be included in similar dinners in the future.

And so, Curated Table (old site).

I put Curated Table aside, restarted it, put it aside again, and reiterated on the concept about a dozen times between 2012 and 2016. No matter what else I was doing professionally, I loved thinking about ways to connect people through small-scale events. Over time I gained the skills and network I needed to launch Curated Table (new site) as a profitable business. Now I work on Curated Table full-time, designing creative events to connect communities

The world needs more ways to connect offline. Curated Table is my humble contribution.

Jessica Guzik