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I'm a Leo rising, so there's nothing I love more than talking about myself. It's been a true pleasure to speak with ARLNow and the Niche Movement about my startup; DC Inno about my choice of living situation; and the Washington Post about my blind date behavior. Check this page later; more interviews are coming soon!

November 2016 - Fireside Chat with The Niche Movement


October 2016 - ARLNow Startup Monday Feature

Curated Table Makes Personal Connections in an Impersonal World, by Buzz McClain, ARLNow.com - "Jessica Guzik creates communities. She guides strangers into friendships. She develops business partnerships. She improves regional spirit and helps hone municipal reputations. She provides the missing link between virtual reality and… well, reality." (Read more).

September 2016 - DC Inno Interview (16:46)

November 2014 - Washington Post Date Lab

Jessica Guzik