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Hey there! I'm Jessica Guzik.

I'm fascinated by how we make meaningful connections with new people. It's what I write about on Medium, and it's why I started my events company, Curated Table.

Isn't that a neat little mission statement? Doesn't it sound like I've got it all figured out? Hardly. Candidly, this is my jumbled skill set:

  • I throw great parties. I love bringing strangers together over food and wine. Also I've woken up to traffic cones in my living room.
  • I can change careers on a dime. I've networked my way into being a nanny, attorney, content strategist, salesperson, event planner, and Panda Claus.
  • I'm an online dating savant. I've been in the game since 2004. I've met men off craigslist and liked it. I'm weirdly into dating for dating's sake.

It took me a decade to figure out that these skills have a common denominator: I'm good at making meaningful connections with new people and helping others do the same. It doesn't matter whether the connection is romantic, platonic, or professional. I will overanalyze the shit out of it until I figure out what works.

This, IDK, talent? was put to use in varying degrees in varying professional roles. But you can only change careers so many times before you begin to wonder if maybe your dream job is up to you to create. That's why, in 2016, I left a wonderful, well-paid position to bob aimlessly in the ever-shifting seas of my own ambitions. Now I'm growing an events company, writing, and traveling. I created this site for anyone who's interested in the full picture of my life. Which is to say, hi mom.

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