Writer / Content Strategist / Events Manager

Content Portfolio


Content Portfolio


I use content and copy to build relationships, whether with customers or potential investors. Drawing on three years of experience at Atlantic Media, I create content that elicits engagement and starts a conversation between an organization and its audience. Capabilities:

  • Develops content strategies that build brand and drive revenue
  • Brainstorms creative blog posts
  • Writes and optimizes blog posts for specific platforms
  • Ghostwrites articles in the client's voice
  • Increases followers and engagement on Medium


I create compelling narratives to explain complex products and organizations. Capabilities:

  • Creates sales decks
  • Develops pitch presentations
  • Designs one-pagers
  • Edits existing marketing collateral


I've developed infographics and data visualizations used by C-suite clients to explain U.S. policy developments. My work has earned media in the Washington Post and was profiled in Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab. Capabilities:

  • Outlines graphics-driven content strategies
  • Designs creative, intuitive infographics and data visualizations
  • Edits data-rich reports for clarity


I help clients design and write emails that get opened, clicked, and forwarded. My emails have been used to drive member engagement, increase sales, market events, and more. Capabilities:

  • Designs and writes email campaigns
  • A/B tests subject lines, layouts, campaign timing
  • Advises on email campaign strategies
Pitch deck excerpts

Pitch deck excerpts

Example of data visualization work

Example of data visualization work