Writer / Content Strategist / Events Manager

Clients and Testimonials


Clients and Testimonials

I've worked with the organizations below to develop creative content, plan great events, and think strategically about how to build brand. If you're interested in working with me, contact me!



"Jessica is a connector and a doer. From a high-level innovative approach, Jessica has been able to cut through the clutter and refine the materials my organization needed to help with event planning and sponsorship outreach. On a grassroots level, Jessica is the one to connect the dots and literally get you in front of the right people - digital to face to face. Whether you have a high-level problem you are looking for strategy on or trying to curate a group of people and plan an event, Jessica is the person to get it done."

- Kevin O'Connell, CEO and Founder, The Niche Movement



"Jessica is awesome. I found her on the internet and became fast friends and collaborators in community-building! It's been inspiring to see her follow her passion(s) and I'm excited to see what she does next. Would definitely recommend working with her or just getting to know her if you happen to be in DC-area or cross paths with her travels."

- Stephanie Echeveste, Placemaking Manager, Vornado Realty Trust



"Jessica's events are a product of her genuine personality and selfless heart. An expert event planner, Jessica leverages her network and knack for connecting charismatic, likeminded guests. Jessica can make strangers feel like best friends. I am excited to work with her again."

- Jim DeCico, CEO, Sunniva Coffee Company